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Who are We?

Multi-Award Winning Proprietor, Trent Rogers  has become an industry leader in the design and installation of off grid solar systems. His passion for the environment and interest in utilising solar energy for everyday living has driven him to achieve the most efficient outcome and designs. Focusing always on the individuals unique needs and location to meet all year round energy requirements.

OFF GRID POWER takes pride in sourcing the best quality components available to deliver a quality systems to our customers.

OFF GRID POWER has extensive experience designing off grid systems for remote locations. Our priorities are designing a system that will meet your energy needs and be cost effective.

OFF GRID POWER recognises that this is a major investment and therefore our staff will spend time with you to properly assess your location and design accordingly.

Reliable Off-Grid systems can be easily set up with Sunny Island battery inverters developed by SMA.

Off-grid systems can be as diverse as the landscapes in which they are installed.

The best renewable energy source is determined case by case due to the varying conditions.

The experience OFF GRID POWER has gained from installing hundreds of off-grid power systems has proven certain combinations can be integrated to form the basis for complex systems

Off Grid power systems may be a necessity or a lifestyle choice.

Either way you have much to gain from today’s increasingly efficient and affordable solar panels, inverters and battery solutions.

Renewable energy generation such as solar not only helps you create a sustainable lifestyle but benefits the environment. This also reduces noise, air pollution, and cuts diesel transport costs to save you time and energy.

OFF GRID POWER understands the benefits and challenges of living off grid.

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Safe Battery Chemistry

Lithium Iron Phosphase (LFP) chemistry recognised as the safest currently in use

High Power

High Peak Discharge capability, ideal for off-grid applications where surging loads are used

Flexible Extension

The modular design allows for flexible expansion of system sizes over the lifetime of the system!



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