Winaico Solar

The WINAICO high performance photovoltaic panels are each fitted with 60 highly efficient 156 x 156 mm solar cells and through the application of high-grade semiconductor silicon, achieve outstanding energy yields.

The WST‐series is available in 285 W and features a silver 35 mm single‐walled frame and a new junction box. Like our WSP series, it has also 15 years product warranty.

Exceeds the IEC standard 3 times over
Because standards are there to be surpassed.

99% relative efficiency at weak-light
Because a 3% increase in yield is better than nothing.

winicon3Protection against the weather and the elements
Because long term performance matters.



winicon4Designed for fire safety
Because plant fires mean more than financial losses alone.

winicon525 year linear performance guarantee
15 year product warranty.


Winaico AwardWhether it’s about performance or reliability under actual conditions in practice – the ratings and tests by industry experts and independent institutes always show WINAICO modules in the top rankings. The reason for this is that as a leading manufacturer of high-performance photovoltaic modules from Taiwan and a global photovoltaic specialist WINAICO places great importance on 100% quality control in the entire process chain – from material procurement to production to operation and maintenance by our specialist partners

In 2014, in the PTC ratings of 260 W poly modules, WINAICO achieved first place among more than 14,000 modules – ahead of leading brands and suppliers from around the world.

The PTC rating (Photovoltaic Utility Scale Application Testing Conditions) was initiated by the California Energy Commission and evaluates real performance in practice. A higher rating means you get more electricity produced per installed watt – and thus a faster return on investment.

WINAICO’s modules have proven their superiority even in extremely hot and dry conditions with strong variations in day and night temperatures in Australia.

In the Desert Know- ledge Australia Solar Centre WINAICO crystalline silicone modules achieved a higher normalised daily output than the products of other prominent brands and international market leaders.

In the pilot plants at the Desert Knowledge Australia Solar Centre the real output of various modules is tested.

Taiwan’s Bureau of Energy has awarded WINAICO’s WSP-M6 PERC module the Taiwan Excellent PV Award as the best PV module in terms of safety, reliability and efficiency. The award was for reliability tests, which Taiwan’s leading test institute ITRI carried out based on NREL’s Qualification Plus and the new IEC 62782 initiative – all which confirm WINAICO’s promised performance.

Winaico Solar Array
Winaico daily output comparison

About Desert Knowledge Australia Solar Centre

The Desert Knowledge Australia Solar Centre is a demonstration facility for commercial solar technologies operating in desert conditions of Alice Springs, Central Australia.

It provides live system level data of onsite installations in the Australian terrain, and is a reference point for installations operating in extremely hot and dry conditions.

Since WINAICO modules were installed in 2012, our modules have shown the least power degradation over the years.

WINAICO modules have proven to be the most reliable even when installed in the desert.


Winaico Investment ProtectionNorms and standards are there to be exceeded. WINAICO modules go through all the relevant tests and significantly exceed the market requirements in all areas. The complete set of reliability tests are designed to imitate all variations of hazards experienced by the modules during their useful lifetime. As a result of WINAICO‘s evaluation, the modules can withstand wind, weather and other adversities much better and much longer.

The thermal shock test measures how the modules withstand thermal stresses due to changes in temperature. As such, they are cooled down from +85°C to –40°C and then reheated to +85°C.

Damp Heat Test IconThe damp heat test checks how the modules are capable of withstanding humidity and heat (85 °C at 85 % relative humidity) over a prolonged period.

Mechanical LoadThe mechanical load refers to the pressure a module can endure due to snow, for example. While the IEC standard requires only 5,400 Pa, WINAICO modules can always bear a load of up to 10,000 Pa, which is equivalent to about 1,020 kg per square metre.

Winaico Hail IconIn the hail test WINAICO modules have to deal with four times the kinetic energy prescribed by the IEC standard – and withstand it easily. Even if it is hailing golf balls, this is no problem for WINAICO modules.

Dynamic mechanical loadDynamic mechanical load refers to a change in pressure, due to
strong winds and squalls, for example, in which WINAICO modules have to withstand 4,000 Pa for 1,000 cycles, a test that is not required by the IEC.

PID IconDue to potential-induced degradation (PID) yield losses of 20 %
and more may occur in conventional photovoltaic systems. Long-term tests show that this effect could be reduced to a minimum in WINAICO’s modules.

Salt_iconHigh concentrations of salt in the air are aggressive environmental factors that may have an influence on the output of PV modules. Certification to
IEC 61701 guarantees consistently high-energy yields even for sites with high concentrations of salt and ammonia gas.

Winaico Amonia IconAmmonia emissions from livestock may also accelerate the ageing of PV modules, which results in falling energy yields and therefore a lower return for the system operator. WINAICO modules are tested for resistance to ammonia to alleviate this risk.

Security in Solar Investments

Solar Investment


Winaico Insurance

A four-in-one insurance package provides additional security. When you purchase WINAICO modules, two years of free insurance coverage is already included in the complete photovoltaic system. This secures your investment from all material damage, e.g. due to fire, natural disasters such as storms and hail, theft, ope- rational errors or rodent damage – and it starts at the construction stage. In addition, the loss of Feed-in Tariff income due to system downtimes are also compensated. The insurance ends automatically after two years or may be extended after this by a further eight years, which means insurance coverage applies for a total of 10 years.

  • All risks insurance: protection from damage Covers all unforeseen damage or destruction incurred.
  • Business interruption insurance: protection from loss of profits
    Compensates for loss of feed-in tariff if the technical use of the photovoltaic system is interrupted or adversely affected by damage or non-delivery.
  • Reduced yield insurance: protection from long-term low yields
    Covers the lower income earned if the annual yield is more than 10% lower than forecast.
  • Construction cover: protection at the construction stage
    All potential damage is already covered by the insurance during the construction stage: no matter whether there is a threat of theft, fire or storms on the construction site.
  • And easy administration
    Quick and straightforward registration – the contract automatically ends after the period of validity.Exclusive partnership with leading international insurance group Willis Group Holdings plc.

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Quality from the home of semiconductor technology

WINAICO is a manufacturer of high-performance crystalline photovoltaic panels as well as provider of photovoltaic systems. As a subsidiary of Win Win Precision Technology which is headquartered in Taiwan, WINAICO have access to many years of experience as well as to the latest discoveries in semiconductor technology. WINAICO’s expansive corporate structure allows us to deliver from stock quickly and reliably, both locally and if necessary, anywhere on the planet. A generous inventory of parts insures the quick availability of all WINAICO products. He who places his trust in WINAICO has decided not only on premium quality from an independent specialist but also for reliability and peace-of-mind. WINAICO is an independently operated subsidiary with its international headquarters in Taiwan and own subsidiaries and branches in Asia, Australia, USA and Europe.

Outstanding quality

The fact that WINAICO modules are among the best on the market is underlined, for example, by their exceptional PTC rating position. The WSP-260P6 module has been able to successfully assert itself against approx. 11,500 listed modules. In 2014, the WINAICO WST range became the first ever module to pass the hail test according to IEC 61215, and it did so with distinction. This hail test is presently TÜV Rheinland’s toughest PID test. In September 2014 the independent Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) bestowed the Excellence Award on the WINAICO WSP-M6 module as the best module in terms of safety, reliability and efficiency. Furthermore, the WINAICO modules are also participating in the Desert Knowledge Project in Australia. Here, they are installed in a test array alongside the modules of other manufacturers, where they are exposed to extreme climatic conditions and are performing exceptionally well


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